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Door de jaren heen zijn onderstaande dansen gemaakt door de leden van onze groep
Dansen gemaakt door Francien van Heuvel
S 8x321984
R 6x32jan. 1998
Four Couple's Pleasure
(32-bar Strathspey for four couple)
1 - 4
1st couple with nearer hands joined, dance down between 2nd couple and cast up to original places, while 1st couple with nearer hands joined, dance up between 3rd couple and cast of to original places
5 - 8
2nd couple dance a figure of eight round 1st couple to finish on the opposite side facing up, while 3rd couple dance a half figure of eight round 4th couple to finish on the opposite side facing down, 4th couple facing up. (see fig. 1)
9 - 16
All couples dance a reel of four on the sides to finish 2nd and 3rd couples in the centre, 2nd man facing first lady, 2nd lady facing 1st man, 3rd man facing 1st lady and 3rd lady facing 4th man. (see fig.2)
17 - 20
All set and change places right hand.
21 - 24
1st and 4th couples dance left hands across once round, while 2nd and 3rd couples change places on the sides giving right hand and cross over with partner left hand to finish all couples in the side lines
25 - 32
3rd, 1st, 4th and 2nd couples dance the knot for 4 couples to finish in the order 2, 4, 1, 3.
(Phrasinq of the knot for 4 couples:
All couples must turn partners into allemande hold on bar 1, and finish in a line on the ladies’ side facing up at the end of bar 5)
Repeat with a new top couple

Dance devised by Francien van Heuvel, Delft, 1984
The Bell Founders
(32-bar Reel for 3 couple)
1 - 8
1st and 3rd couples cross over right hand to dance a reel of three on the opposite side with 2nd coupIe, who remain on their own side. (1st couple dance out and down, 2nd couple dance in and up, 3rd couple dance out and up)
9 - 16
1st, 2nd and 3rd couples repeat bars 1-8, 1st and 3rd couples crossing to own side to begin the reel
17 - 20
1st and 2nd couples dance four hands round to the left
21 - 24
1 st couple set and cast off one place
25 - 32
1st, 2nd and 3rd couples dance six hands round and back

Repeat, having passed a couple
Dance devised for Anne·Miek Klokgieters on the occasion of her 50th anniversary,
January 27, 1998, by Francien M. van Heuvel, Delft
Music composed by Alastair C. Hunter
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